Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Fairfield Champion

Thursday, June 21, 2007

ATM ram-raids rise

THE rise in ram-raids on ATMs will continue if security is not improved, Fairfield police Superintendent Ray King warned after two more attacks this week.

Homelessness is a chilling reality

08010613.jpg Fairfield is fast becoming a homelessness worry spot as more young people take to living on the streets.

Small businesses team up

08003795.jpg THE Fairfield Business Referral Group is looking for new members.

Stop this mortgage madness

Reporter's note, with Kate Sullivan: WHEN I first heard the story of Bonnyrigg mother Nawal Mati (Champion, page one) I was upset for her and her family. The more I learned about it the less upset I became  but the more angry.

Featured News

On the street?

08021363.jpg A BONNYRIGG mother may be forced to live on the street with her three children if she doesn't find a home before her house is repossessed at the end of the month.

Your Say

Thank you

We raised $13,800 from our Biggest Morning Tea.

Labor can't budget properly

THE article ``IR campaign is false'' (Champion June 6) again shows how out of touch Chris
Bowen and his federal and state Labor mates are with the reality.

Play golf, raise money

Sydney UD will host its second annual Charity Golf Day for the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children.

Stars on athletic stage

0800570A.jpg MEET the Jenner boys, Dale, Brad and Kurt - athletic talents and sport stars to watch.

Racing returns to Fairfield

Harness racing returns to Fairfield Showground on Saturday, June 30.

Star studded event

THE Paint a Rainbow Foundation of Horsley Park will hold ``Singing for the Charities,'' a fund-raising dinner on Friday, June 22.

Free first home buyer seminar

Mortgage Nest and Greater Impact Finance and Training Services are holding a free first home buyer seminar on July 25.


Monday, March 29, 2004

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